POPS All Filipino Eatery CDO

So many thoughts while checking out this new restaurant in town – POPS All Filipino Eatery.

If you know me personally, I have a close-knit family and most of my friends are those I’ve known all my life. Yes, I’m all about gatherings. My parents used to host a small gathering at home during Sundays, a tradition that was started by my grandparents. My grandmother used to have an eatery or carenderia and most of our childhood were spent there, either we were there for the food or did some chores during summer. Fast forward to college, moving away also meant going out of your comfort zone. One of the biggest challenges was the food. I remember eating at a fast food on my first week in college. Yes, the entire week!

If you happen to pass by Corrales Ave, you probably noticed a big white house (more like a traditional mansion to me) beside 7/11. From the outside, it really looked intriguing to me. I was curious about what’s inside and what type of traditional Filipino food they have on their menu. Oh boy, they have a lot to offer. I think it will take time for me to keep up and I’m afraid this will be one of our go-to restaurants. My husband and I have this tendency to be loyal to a restaurant that we really like, like hardcore-loyal.


Photo credit: POPS All Filipino Eatery CDO’s Facebook page

I like the interiors and the overall look of the place. It’s so cosy, so homey. It’s so old-school, I had a good laugh looking at the photos of popular Tagalog movies attached to the walls going upstairs.

POPS reminds me of weekly or even random family gatherings. It reminds me of being away from home and your only refuge is eating traditional Pinoy dishes. The feeling that no matter where you go, no matter how many food you like in the countries you go to, you’ll always look for home-style, traditional food.

It reminds me of the endless conversations made while eating at home. True enough, we were there for almost three hours and we can’t stop ordering. We just want to try everything! We ordered mongo, chicken fingers with mushroom gravy, green mango salad with bagoong and mango tapioca. I was too busy eating and talking so excuse the poor photos.


Mongo is something that we usually request at home and I was really surprised that they have it on their menu. That’s so cool! I mean, which other restaurant serves that? It didn’t disappoint. It tasted really good, just right for my liking. One bowl can be good for 2-3 persons max for only ₱150.

Chicken fingers were really delish, I was so into it. Tender, not too oily and you can really taste the spices used. Plus, the gravy! It was so good I want to order more of it. 6-7 pieces and it was only ₱135. Each piece wasn’t thin or small but generously sliced.

The green mango salad with bagoong was only ₱85 and the serving can be good for at least 2-4 persons. The bagoong was not too salty, not too spicy.

For dessert, we had Mango Tapioca and it was heaven!!! The mango, the milk and tapioca is a perfect combination! Why does it have to be so good? It scares me that it may take time for me to get over it.


AND THE VERDICT IS? Awesome!! This is where I’d love to bring family and friends. I love restaurants that remind me of good memories and make me want to create more. We were there and it was non-stop eating and talking! If you also want some privacy, hold birthday parties or even office parties, they have a small and big function room.

STILL GOING BACK? Yes, yes and yes! There’s so many food they have to offer and I can’t wait to try it. Some of it are familiar already but it’s not a food that’s always available at home or any other restaurant.

VALUE FOR MONEY. Hey, do not let the big white mansion fool you. It does look fancy, right? And I bet most of you already thought it may be a bit expensive there. It’s not! Yes, my frugal self tells you that it is not expensive. It is really affordable, worth every penny. Where else can you get traditional food, modern setting, great service and won’t hurt your pockets? ₱500 is already a feast for two or even three!


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