Moon Shack, CDO

It’s a Wednesday, middle of the week, I’m halfway there. Rewarding myself with good food falls on this day, too. It’s usually this day when we go out and try something new or go back to one of our favourite food outlets.

Earlier this week, a friend posted about Moon Shack. I knew shack means a small hut used by fishermen. When I first heard about it, I thought about this beach strip in Palawan that comes alive at night with food stalls and music from bars. It also reminded me of the nipa hut cottages in one of the beaches we frequent to when I was a kid.

Moon Shack opened over a month ago. They offer a variety of seafood appetisers and dishes. Surprisingly, they also offer what they call “Out of Water” food like buffalo wings or fried chicken among others. They are located at Justo Ramonal St., corner Corrales Avenue.

Funny story, I had another direction mishap again. Lesson learned: never rely on maps from Facebook pages because it’s not accurate. For someone like me who’s really bad with directions, I really appreciate restaurants who give specific details or even a sketch.


Photo credit: Moon Shack’s Facebook page

It was raining that day so as expected, the place wasn’t crowded. I love how simple the place is, very neat and they used minimal decors. Very laid back just like when you’re dining along the shore. They really did a good job creating that feel.

Their menu was overwhelming and I didn’t even think of taking a picture. There were too many good stuff to try. It’s mouth-watering, you just want to order right away and start eating! We ordered the seaside platter – garlic shrimp, onion rings, calamares and fries. A bucket of mussels, green mango salad and a fish bowl of cucumber lemonade.

The seaside platter was only ₱395 and it’s good for 2-3 persons. The serving was really generous, I think it’s also good for a group of 4-5 max. All of the food we had tasted really fresh. I like that it was cooked well, not too oily, not too salty.

When you order their buckets, you get to choose one of their signature sauce and the spice level. We chose White Wine and OMG. Mussels tasted really good with their white wine sauce. One bucket for only ₱175.

For our appetiser, green mango salad with really delish bagoong! I forgot to ask if they made it, it was one of the best bagoongs I’ve tasted.

Cucumber lemonade is my all-time fave so I always give it a try if it’s available. What’s interesting about this is it’s served using a cute fish bowl. It’s good for at least 2 persons and comes in three other flavours.


AND THE VERDICT IS? Awesome! The ambience is very laid back. The food is great, they have so much to offer I don’t think I can keep up. This may be one of the food outlets that we’ll frequent. Yes, we can be loyal like that.

STILL GOING BACK? Definitely! So many mouth-watering food on their menu and I know I should try it. The acoustic music next door completed the whole island vibe.

VALUE FOR MONEY? Affordable and totally worth every penny. We had a salad, a seafood platter, bucket of mussels, rice and a fish bowl drink to finish it off. We only paid around ₱700. Not bad for a feast like that.


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