Meow Cafe, CDO

Yes, there’s a cat cafe in town! My husband has been fond of cats since I don’t know when. Even when we were still just friends, he’d tell me about the adventures of his cat, Batman – a stray cat that was found on the street. Stories like how Batman will hunt or demand for food, play with him and even sleep in his bed.

I’ve heard about cafes that feature animals – cats, rabbits, dogs. I’m hesitant because first, I’m not really fond of animals. Second, I was worried that food might not be great. Lastly, that people are just there because of these animals and that makes me uncomfortable.

I stumbled upon this cafe while finalising an itinerary for an upcoming trip. I saw their interiors, some of their food and the cats. The photos of the food got me curious like a kid. They have food that’s shaped and designed into a cat. Yes, something like that makes me giddy already! It’s so cute!

They are located along Corrales-Dolores Sts, right across FICCO. They’re open Mondays to Saturdays, 10.30am-9.30pm. They serve a variety of food, from rice meals, snacks and desserts. They also have delivery which is a great thing because yes, their food is great!

We got there past 5pm, so we were undecided if we’ll just have snacks or have an early dinner. Why not have both? It’s Friday, it means cheat day! We ordered cheese panini, grilled chicken, fries, suman and sikwate plus their over shakes. We had triple chocolate and coffee blast shake. Everything we ordered tasted really good and the wait time isn’t that long.


I love the panini with just the right amount of cheese. The grilled chicken with its sauce is now a reason why I want to go back. Chicken is soft, not dry. The sauce tasted just right for our liking. The sweet tooth in us would really recommend trying their shakes. It’s topped with ice cream, too!! They really have a lot to offer. If you’re not fond of cats, you can still go there and just enjoy their food.

I was mainly there for the food but you simply cannot resist the cats’ cute sleepy faces. If you’re a cat lover and a foodie, this place is for you.

My husband was really excited to see the cats that he already went inside after he told me what he wants. Their cats are in a separate room, not like on some cafes wherein they’re roaming around. You can interact with them for an extra fee of ₱40 for around 15-30minutes. I’m not sure how long we were there, I had the courage to check on the cats since they were sleeping. There were different breeds that the attendant mentioned like Ragamuffin and Persian.

There are two separate rooms. One for dining, and the other room was where the cats are. There are also limited seats right outside their room. If you’re not fond of cats, you can opt to eat in the other room. I like that interacting with the cats is just an added feature of their cafe and that they limit your interaction with them. It’s also good that someone’s there to give you all the cat info and a house reminder posted on the wall.

The ladies behind the counter are most likely family. It was very nice of them to tell us the story behind Meow Cafe and how they managed to have 16 cats! Yes, 16 but there are only 6-9 cats in there. She said cats take shifts, too! 😀


AND THE VERDICT IS? It maybe a cat-themed cafe but the food that they offer and welfare of their cats come first. I was talking to one of the owners and I can feel how they as a whole family love their cats. 16 cats, 16! That’s a handful. It’s also your choice if you want to play with the cats or simply enjoy the food. Either way, both are worth it.

STILL GOING BACK? Yes! I still need to try their other rice meals, one that has cat-shaped food (haha) plus more of their shakes and cupcakes. The service is really great, you’ll really feel at home – with or without the cats.

VALUE FOR MONEY. It’s budget-friendly. We ordered dinner, snacks, dessert and only paid around ₱600. Not bad at all.


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