Bowties & Butter, CDO

It has been two years since my husband and I settled here in Cagayan de Oro. We’ve been loyal to our favourite restaurants and cafes to the point that it’s like a risk for us to try something new. Recently, it has been challenging squeezing in a quick date due to work and law school. We’d always think of food outlets that are just near the school. That’s when I started exploring and blogging regularly. Eating and writing keeps me sane and freshens my mind.

A friend told us about Bowties & Butter and the way she described it got us really curious. She told us not to miss their burgers and signature iced tea. We decided to give it a try for our next date.  You see, my husband and I are all about our date nights and how’s your day talk.

Bowties & Butter is located at A.B. Santiago Building, corner Velez-Gaerlan Streets, Cagayan de Oro. They’re open from 10am to 11pm on Mondays to Thursdays. 11am to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s a cute corner shop and it reminds me of American diners that I see on movies. Those that serve good food when you’re really hungry, or hangry. More like a comfort food, for when you’re binge eating or on your cheat days.

We went there twice before I decided to write a “first impression” as we were in a hurry the first time. On both instances, we were there for dinner. The place isn’t that big and it gets really crowded with students and young professionals. Sometimes, it gets loud. I think the best time to go there if you want to avoid the crowd is late afternoons.

Just one thing that I noticed and I’m not really familiar with how it usually works there. On our first visit, it was alright to order burgers within Bowties. The next visit, they asked us to order it on our own. At least they served the burgers to us and no need to go out and get it.


We ordered buffalo wings, cheeseburger, deep fried oreos and their cucumber iced tea. The buffalo wings were big, juicy and tasty. It was really satisfying and something that I can recommend. So far, it’s one of the best I’ve tasted. Plus, it’s only ₱95 for 6 pieces!

Their cheeseburger or The Old Blue Burgers is the bomb! I’ll write a separate review for these burgers. Like seriously, it’s one of the big burgers in town that I can actually finish. I love the melting cheese, the big patty, the soft bun and how it can get messy so they give you plastic hand gloves. It’s only ₱99 and it comes with potato wedges.

The deep fried oreos is now added to my list of go-to comfort food. The first time we were there, we were in a hurry and didn’t have room for dessert. It got me curious because we were seated near the kitchen and a lot were ordering it. I promised myself I’ll try it on our next visit. It’s so mouth-watering and even with the ice cream on top, the sweetness is just right.


AND THE VERDICT IS? It’s a great place for when you want to eat something indulging but somewhere low-key. It’s a place that I can recommend to someone looking for affordable, budget-friendly but really good eats.

STILL GOING BACK? Yes. I still can’t get over their deep fried oreos and I still need to try their funnel cakes. The burgers are really good when you’re hangry – hungry and angry!

VALUE FOR MONEY. It’s budget-friendly, won’t hurt your pockets. Great for students and young professionals. Want to reward yourself after a long day but you’re on a budget? Bowties & Butter is for you.


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