Bean Voyage Coffee Roasters, CDO

I’ve lived in Cagayan de Oro for almost two years now and I still can’t keep up with the cafes and restaurants within Divisoria. There’s always something new! My husband and I tend to be very loyal every time we like a certain food outlet. We usually take time before we finally move on and try a new one.

These days, it’s challenging to squeeze a quick date. Thanks to our day job and law school. I wanted to try something new that’s just near school and thought of Bean Voyage. I’ve been hearing a lot about it, mainly because of their selfie coffee. Mind you, it’s edible! It’s not like the usual wherein your photo is the cover or on the lid of the drink. It’s really something. Just take a selfie from your phone, send it to them and they’ll have it printed on top of your drink.

Bean Voyage Coffee Roasters is a travel-themed cafe located at 27 Pabayo Gaerlan Sts., Marfori Compound. They’re open from 8am – 11pm every day.  We were there for two consecutive days before I decided to write this. The place is always packed with students and digital nomads. Though the area is not that big, it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. It makes you feel at ease.

It’s one of those coffee places where I can just hang out, dream and plan the next place I’ll visit. All of this while eating bananutella panini and sipping minty matcha – my new favourites.


I like how the crew greets you right after you come in and before you go out. It’s very inviting and makes me giddy. It makes me think of the places I’ve been to and the places I have yet to see.

I’m really interested to try the selfie coffee but I decided to check out what else they offer. We ordered Pesto Chicken Panini, Bananutella Panini, Nachos, Minty Matcha and Chocolate Mousse. The two days that we went there, I ordered the same thing. I’m so into the bananutella panini and matcha! I’m not really a fan of matcha because I’ve had a bad experience with it. However, this one taste’s just right plus love the hint of mint.

The pesto chicken panini is a perfect complement to the bananutella panini, the saltyness is just perfect for me.

We’re a fan of nachos, we always give it a try when it’s on the menu.. I love that it has a generous amount of cheese but it would be even better if they’ll add more ground beef.


AND THE VERDICT IS? Awesome – one of the cafes that I’d love to go back. It’s also on my list if I want to reward myself after a long, rough day. Who can say no to their bananutella panini? It will surely brighten up your mood.

STILL GOING BACK? Definitely! A lot of interesting things on their menu that I have yet to try. I’m also looking forward to try their rainbow cake and of course, get a selfie coffee.

VALUE FOR MONEY? My frugal self finds it a bit pricey for students. But if it makes you comfortable to study, plus unlimited coffee in the morning, it’s worth it. Overall, it’s affordable and it’s for everyone.


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