Bike Republic Cafe

There’s a new cafe in town that serves really delish churros and great burgers! Two of my faves in one place. It’s a plus if you’re a bike enthusiast because you can hang out in there for hours and talk to their staff about the bikes that they sell and biking in general. Yes, their staff knows what they’re talking about. I was there for a few hours and can’t help but listen to the same people serving food and entertaining visitors checking out a new bike and its accessories.

Before I go into detail about my first impression, I’d like to share something about myself. From time to time, you’ll read about my mishaps when looking for new restaurants and cafes to try.

Fact about me: I’m super bad with directions, like seriously! Before deciding to check out this new cafe, I felt bad because with iOS10, the Maps also got updated. It was new to me. They changed it right when I was already very confident using the old one. Sounds funny, right? But yes, I only got confident using it few months ago when I was roaming around the streets of Ho Chi Minh all by myself. I also went alone because my husband wasn’t available.

I called them asking where exactly it is. The woman who answered said landmark should be Boy Zugba, Parasat or simply across Maison de Bonbon. I didn’t notice the cafe right away. Though she mentioned prior that there’s no signage yet. I was already irritated because traffic was really bad. I did not notice Bike Republic Cafe till after walking few blocks from Boy Zugba. Apparently, it’s a new building and can’t remember noticing it before.

When I got there, there was no other customer. First thing I asked was if their churros were available. She said yes and I stopped sulking right away. Already felt better while waiting for my order. I ordered two sets of churros, cheese burger and cheesy fries. The other set of churros and burger was for my husband.


I went there for the churros and it didn’t disappoint! Just like how I wanted it – deep fried, crispy on the outside yet soft inside. It’s so darn good I can’t stop raving about it. I don’t know about you but it’s probably the best churros in town. It’s only ₱69 for 6 pieces.

They do have other items on their menu like these cheeseburger. 1/4 pound 100% all-beef patty!! That alone sounds mouth-watering! I only had a bite because I wasn’t into burger that night. It came with chips that I really like, I just wasn’t sure if it was “camote” or potatoes. It tasted really good, it can pass as a healthy snack.


AND THE VERDICT IS? Thumbs up!!! It’s a low-key, interesting, cosy cafe. Although I’m not a bike enthusiast, there’s something in there that makes you feel at ease, at home.

STILL GOING BACK? Yes! I will definitely go back to try their burgers or sandwiches. I also want to see if they’ll add more items on their menu.

VALUE FOR MONEY? My frugal self says it’s affordable. Everything on their menu is affordable and really worth your money. It’s budget-friendly for both students and working professionals. 6 pieces of churros for only ₱69! And it’s not bite size! It’s twice the size!


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