First Impression: Cafe de Coral, Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong for a few days to attend a business meeting, part of the job that I do is to meet potential and existing clients. The hotel that the company booked was in a mostly private district. It’s often tagged as where business people usually stays. Judging by that description, I already knew it was expensive.

I decided to book my trip early so I can still explore Hong Kong before the meeting which will only take a day and a half since my boss needs to fly out the following day. The first two days that I stayed there, I had to pay for my own food. There were no familiar fast food chains nearby and it’s all in Chinese. What got me curious was Cafe de Coral. The nearest outlet from our hotel was like 5 blocks away. There were a lot of people going there and there’s always a queue. I just had to check why it’s being frequented by both locals and tourists.

Cafe de Coral is one of Hong Kong’s largest fast food chains. It has been in the industry for more than 45 years. It has a lot of outlets in Hong Kong and it serves around 300,000 customers daily. They offer a variety of food from Western to traditional cuisines. Their food is really affordable which is why it’s perfect for when you’re in a budget.

A complete set meal is only hkd37-40 which is around Php150-200 (not bad). If you can’t have a meal without rice then you found the right place. They have rice in their meals and the serving is really big! I had a companion who complained the next day because we haven’t had rice – this is why we found Cafe de Coral.



What’s great about Cafe de Coral is the ambiance. It’s really soothing and very good when you’re too tired and hungry from walking around. It has this elegant-feel even though it’s tagged as a fast food.



And the verdict is? It’s something that I can recommend to friends who will be travelling to Hong Kong. It’s not hard to find. It’s location are very strategic. The food is not bad and you have a lot to choose from.

Still going back? Ofcourse, it’s something I won’t miss if I’m in Hong Kong! It gets crowded during rush hour but the wait isn’t that bad.

Value for money? Each meal does not go beyond Php200 and it already includes a drink. The serving is really generous that it can be for at least two persons.

Questions for you.

  • Have you tried Cafe de Coral? What was your favorite?
  • What other local fast food chains would you recommend?

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