First Impression: Dinner Buffet, Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

Two months ago, my Mom and I went on a tri-country trip. Our second stop was in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s a fascinating city, rich in history and culture that’s still evident up to today. We arrived early in the morning, checked in to our hotel and went on a city tour.

Prior to our trip, I found out about the lunch and dinner buffet at Sky Baiyoke Hotel. It’s a usual activity of tourists from all over the world. One friend even described that sometimes there are too many tourists booked that it’s like an apocalypse. I booked the dinner buffet because I was after the Bangkok skyline. And oh boy, it was stunning.

View from the Skydeck, 77th floor.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel is a soaring 88 stories hotel located above Pratanum. Their international buffet is tagged as “The Highest International Buffet in town”. Lunch starts at 11:00am-3pm. Dinner is at 5:30pm-11pm. It’s around 750THB.

Their lunch and dinner buffet offers international cuisine plus their famous “Journey to Thailand”, a selection of everything Thai cuisine. The buffet offers great seafood, savory Thai dishes, flavorful sushi, salads, pizza and pasta, cheeses and desserts, along with tray passed hors d’oeuvres and many more.
We were scheduled for dinner and even though we were there early, it was already crowded. I only took few pictures because there were too many food, I just can’t keep up. It’s like a perfect 360 degrees buffet table.

My favorite was the Japanese food corner, steak and pasta! Here are some photos to give you an idea of how it looks and how massive it is!

I was too fascinated, hungry and excited so I only took these photos.

And the verdict is? It’s one of the massive buffets I’ve ever been to! They have in-house chef and you can see them cooking it while you roam around trying to decide what to eat. It’s an awesome experience.

Still going back? Definitely! So many food and drinks that I want to try.

Value for money? It’s around 1,000PHP when you convert it to Peso. Judging by the variety and quality of food they serve, it’s totally worth it.


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