I tried: French Macarons Workshop

Majority of the work that I do is online. I’m lucky enough to have extra time to do activities like this. Few months ago, I joined a workshop on how to make French Macarons by Chef Mon Cardenas of Monster Kitchen.

I’ve always been curious as to how french macarons are made. I heard it’s complicated, accuracy is very important. The workshop was on a weekend, an 8am-4pm activity. Workshop fee was Php800.

Most of my classmates were already into baking and some even owned a bakery. I was a total newbie. It was no big deal though, they were all friendly and my group mates were considerate of me. I also learned a lot from them.

It’s not time consuming to make french macarons. The complex part of making it is the meringue. It needs to have the right amount of ingredients and should be mixed well. Not overly mixed, just right. After the meringue, the filling. You can be totally creative with it, from chocolates to fruit jams.

The colors are just food colorings. As per Chef Mon’s advise, use gel-based food coloring since it’s highly pigmented compared to the powdered ones.

It’s always fun trying something new and you also get to take home some of these colorful french macarons. Productive weekend, indeed!


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