Healthy Choice: Pop My Cherry Juice, Cagayan de Oro

I always want to go on a juice cleanse diet but I feel like it takes courage and discipline to do it. Juice all day? I just can’t for now. What about my rice? So I told myself I’m going to do this slowly.

I started looking around the web and found Pop My Cherry Juice by Nica Tero. They don’t have a physical store yet but you can order online via Instagram. You may also contact them via mobile – 0922 863 6096.

For my first order, I chose to go for their green juices plus an all-carrot juice. I fell in love with Green Ecstasy and King Cucumber right after I tasted it.

It’s an energy booster and can be a replacement for coffee. I’m currently trying to lessen my caffeine intake and thought of this as an alternative.

They do have a variety of flavors at Php120 per bottle. Minimum of 5 bottles per order. You also need to place your order at least two days ahead since they only make limited bottles per batch.

Photo credit: @popmycherryjuice

And the verdict is? Their green juices are the bomb! I can drink it everyday, no problem. I just hope they do this everyday so I don’t need to wait for two days.

Still want to try again? Yes! I want to try all their available flavors. And hopefully I can do a proper juice cleanse.

Value for money? For some, Php120 for a 30ml bottle may be somewhat expensive. However, it’s really healthy as they use all natural fruits and vegetables plus no water added. Sounds great, right?


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