First Impression: Wild Onion Pub & Grub, Cagayan de Oro

Here’s the thing. My husband and I loves burgers. Every now and then, we treat ourselves with the really good ones. Most of the best burgers we’ve tried are here in Cagayan de Oro.

We recently tried Wild Onion Pub & Grub. They are located at Domingo Velez St. They open from 11am to 1am daily.

Social media etiquette 101 courtesy of Wild Onion Cdo.

Though they have a lot of interesting food on their menu, we went there for their burgers. We tried their Classic Burger with Cheddar and Mozarella Cheese. For only Php175, you get a really big burger patty with fries and dip that I really love.

I also love their Cucumber Lemonade. I love anything cucumber and it didn’t disappoint. The taste is just right for me.

For party-goers, their menu has a really interesting drink. I think you should try it if you’re with a group of friends and just want to chill.

Happy Ending (Pag may alak, may balak), Gugmang giatay (Para sa mga niloko at nagpapaloko)

We went there past dinner time and we were really satisified. The burger is great. Wait time isn’t that long since it was a weekday.

And the verdict is? Awesome. Anywhere with great burger is awesome for me. I’m biased like that. Ha!

Wild Onion Pub & Grub is a thumbs-up and something that I can recommend to family and friends.

Still want to go back? I’ll definitely go back and try their other burgers, appetizers and desserts.

Value for money? It’s really affordable and worth every penny. Good for a date-night or chill-night with friends.

P.S. I hope their cheese was really melting. I don’t know but I like it that way. Haha


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