Last June, my Mom and I went on a tri-country trip. Our last stop was Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Located in the southern part of the country, it’s commonly known as Saigon and played a vital role during the Vietnam War.

Ho Chi Minh offers a lot of historic and cultural sites. It was fun doing a walking tour about Vietnam and its history. Ofcourse, the most exciting part was the food tour inside Ben Thanh Market.

Ben Thanh Market is one of the oldest marketplace in Saigon. You can find almost everything in there. From food, handicrafts, souvenirs, textiles. Name it and for sure you can find it somewhere inside the market.

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese food that’s made of noodle soup, broth, rice noodles called “banh pho”. It’s also full of herbs, spices and meat which can either be beef or chicken. I had the one with beef meatballs, Mom had the chicken.

It was too hot inside Ben Thanh Market so it’s really good to cool off and try their cold, refreshing drink. From coffee, tea to fresh fruit juices. My Mom & I loved their freshly squeezed orange juice.

As much as I want to explore their food, the coriander herb that they put in their food did not sit well with my stomach. A friend warned me about it but I wasn’t really expecting anything bad from it.

Food in Ho Chi Minh is really good. Next time, I’ll come prepared so I can fully explore and enjoy their food tour.