I’m back! What’s new: Bad Burgers CDO

I’ve been to Bad Burgers CDO a couple of times even before I launched this blog. Thus, it’s under “I’m back, what’s new?” category.

We discovered this burger joint when we were looking for a place to eat past 9pm. It did not disappoint! We were hooked right after and we kept coming back for more!

It’s probably one of the best burger joints in town. I love their burger patty that comes with melting cheese!

It’s one of the establishments within Centerpoint along Corrales Ave., corner Domingo Velez St., Cagayan de Oro. They’re open from 11am-11pm.

My personal favorite is their Cheese Burger. All their burgers have glazed onion, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, mayo and cheese. Regardless of what burger you order, it has everything on it. Isn’t that awesome?

Their appetizers are also a must-try. My recent favorite is their Beef Nachos and Beef Quesadilla. It’s mouth-watering and flavors used was just right.

Beef Quesadilla. Photo Credit: Bad Burgers CDO, Facebook page

Beef Nachos. Photo credit: Bad Burgers CDO, Facebook page

Check out what other food they offer aside from burgers. Here’s their menu:

Photo credit: Bad Burgers CDO, Facebook page

And the verdict is? It’s one of the best burgers in town. If you’re into burgers, do not miss this!

Still going back? Yes! Their food never gets boring. The flavor always excites me.

Value for money? It’s affordable and definitely worth it.

Question for you:

  • What other item in their menu should I try next?
  • Any other burger joints you’d like to recommend?



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